Design and Magic Make Walls Pop!

Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo become illusionists to make walls pop

Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo “play” with color. Though their newest collection of wallpaper is monochromatic, they make walls pop.


It’s not an illusion; it’s Illusionist. This new wallpaper collection designed by UK-based designer Kelly Hoppen and magician Dynamo for Graham & Brown clads surfaces in a mix of design and magic that make walls pop like I’ve never seen before. This is the first collection resulting from a collaboration between a magician and an interior designer so no wonder the coverings are so unique.


The Enigma pattern by Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo

Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo in front of the Enigma pattern of wallpaper by Graham & Brown.


Make Walls Pop with Illusionist

The wallpapers are available in two designs: Enigma, which seems to toss elongated cubes from the surface of the wall; and Paradox, which reads like an architectonic interplay of stone jutting toward its viewer. Each are digitally printed using cutting-edge technology, which relieved Kelly and Dynamo from the usual restrictions of traditional wallpaper printing.


Make Walls Pop with the Illusionist Wallpaper Collection

The Enigma pattern, in the Illusionist Wallpaper Collection from Graham & Brown, make walls pop.


Using a trompe l’oeil technique, Hoppen and Dynamo have rendered these optical illusions that infuse the rooms they command with a sense of additional space. “When Dynamo and I initially met and started discussing the idea of an illusion wallpaper, I had no idea how fascinating it would be to work on such a different project!” Hoppen exclaims. “Having been in the design industry for 40 years, there isn’t much I haven’t done, but magic was new to me and I enjoyed every second. I like to think I create magic in people’s homes on a daily basis but now I can say I have done the real thing, with the mystery man himself!”


Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo created Paradox Wallpaper

Kelly Hoppen and Dynamo in front of the Paradox pattern of wallpaper by Graham & Brown.


Dynamo adds, “I wanted to bring a bit of magic into people’s homes and after chatting with legendary interior designer Kelly Hoppen we came up together with the idea of magic inspired wallpaper prints. I’m thrilled with the results and even more delighted that part of the profits will go to the Princes Trust who were so key in helping me start my magical journey.” These patterns are available in the UK from £30 per square meter.


Make walls pop with the Paradox pattern by Graham & Brown

The Paradox pattern, in the Illusionist Wallpaper Collection from Graham & Brown.


A Percentage of Proceeds Benefits Prince’s Trust

An added bonus with this collection is that a percentage of proceeds are donated to the Prince’s Trust. It’s the non-profit’s 40th anniversary, and Graham & Brown is celebrating its 70th year in manufacturing so the timing is fortuitous. “We are delighted to support this fascinating partnership that has produced an amazing result that challenges people’s perceptions of wallpaper,” says Alan Kemp, the head of brand marketing at Graham & Brown. “As we celebrate our seventieth anniversary, it has been pleasure to once again challenge and innovate our print and finishing techniques as well as support the work of the Princes’ Trust”.


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