Delight in Store at 1514 Home

Mirrored Magic at 1514 Home Pensacola

Cheryl Kees Clendenon creates mirrored magic at 1514 Home in Pensacola.

Cheryl Kees Clendenon, DGD, is the owner of 1514 Home and lead designer for In Detail Interiors. I met the talented entrepreneur when Brizo invited a group of bloggers to New York City to attend Jason Wu’s #FW10 runway show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week—we were affectionately dubbed Blogger19 because that’s how many of us convened. I have admired Cheryl’s panache and unique sense of style since, and as I was recently perusing my Facebook newsfeed I was reminded of this regard when one of Cheryl’s photos featuring a vignette from her shop streaked down the stream. I thought, “Wow! I love that; I need to feature the elegant mix of offerings in her boutique on Productrazzi!”

Metal accessories and an elegant lamp at 1514 Home in Pensacola

Cheryl has a knack for metallic marvelousness, as this vignette illustrates.

When design is this yummy, it’s all about the photos, of course, but a bit of backstory to go along with them is fitting as well. 1514 Home is a 2500-square-foot retail space located at 1514 N 9th Avenue in Pensacola, Florida. It’s nestled into an early 20th-century brick home in the heart of Pensacola’s design district, an intimate setting where Cheryl has gathered an impressive collection of mid-century glassware, furnishings and homey gifts to create a design-lover’s paradise. The combination of modern and vintage reflects her point of view, which I would say runs along the lines of refined classicism with a touch of whimsical beachy vibe. I also get a hit of chic bohemian, a subtle layering that attests to thinking outside the box.

At 1514 Home, shaggy sheepskin poufs are bohemian chic.

Cheryl understands mixing materials; in this vignette her bohemian chic POV is showing!

Being an interior designer rather than simply a shop owner, she understands how to source all the elements required to create a congenial home, including sumptuous upholstery fabrics and textiles for window treatments. She is also a savant when it comes to soothing color palettes mixed with crisp woodwork, whether she’s designing a client’s interiors or redecorating the shop. I have to admit, this is my favorite feel for interiors—the classic combo one of the things that caught my eye in her Facebook snapshots.

Cheryl Kees Clendenon mixes styles and periods at her boutique 1514 Home in Pensacola.

Drinks anyone? My hand is definitely raised!

In Detail Interiors is her full service interior design firm that complements the shop and brings her bespoke point of view to client projects. It seems clear from the studied beauty she creates that she likes to delve beyond the superficial, tapping into the deeper story that each interior project is destined to tell. “I know designers who are in and out of projects in a snap, and I appreciate that a schedule can be as important as any other aspect of a job,” she says; “but I take my time to complete my interiors for clients with the desire for something beyond the norm because it can take quite a while to find the perfect accessories.”

Accessorizing is a talent of Cheryl Kees Clendenon at 1514 Home

She’s got the magic hands! [Apologies for the Heart ear worm!]

Doing so has her haunting antiques markets and scavenging her favorite quirky venues for treasures that become those perfect accouterments for the spots she’s determined can dazzle. She even draws her husband Randy into the fray when she notices a way they can capitalize on her design prowess. Case in point is a condemned outbuilding to the 1514 property that he is restoring singlehandedly so they can turn it into a mini design center focusing on artistic design elements and housing the spoils of her resulting from her lighting obsession! Stay tuned of developments on this addition to the store, which will be called The Carriage House.

These pert beach-inspired throw pillows enliven 1514 Home

Pops of color enliven the classically clean backdrop at 1514 Home.

I did a bit of research to see if my suspicions that she’s been creating quite a bit of buzz on the Gulf Coast of Florida are correct and I was spot on. She’s been doing so for over 16 years, and I predict with efforts like the shop and the carriage house, this will only ramp up as time goes by. I believe the level of success she’s achieving is, quite simply, because she is so passionate about design.

A geometrically patterned chair at 1514 Home

Chairs with beautifully trim waistlines hold court at 1514 Home.

Though she is best-known in her region, Cheryl’s name is becoming more recognizable nationally, as she has built a hearty list of out-of-state clients, she regularly joins international design tours, she sits on design councils, and she maintains a popular design blog, “Details and Design.”

1514 Home in Pensacola is a fabulous place to find vintage barware and Mercury Glass

If you want a fabulous resource for vintage barware, Cheryl’s your gal!

Besides her talent for identifying outstanding color combinations, her love of vintage mid-century glass stands out for me as confirmation she’s a harbinger of exquisite taste. Seeing her displays has confirmed something I’ve always believed: a designer who is also a collector at heart has a more intimate understanding of how to create nurturing environments than those who don’t feel the pull to seek out timeless elements.

1514 Home in Pensacola has every style from classic side chairs to bohemian chic hints of faux boise.

Cheryl’s talent for mixing styles is showing in this vignette.

She’s so cognizant of deepening her work with her clients, she’s hit upon a new formula for projects: “I like to add something old (a vintage piece or an antique), something new (usually upholstery), something borrowed (a stand-out piece from their former interiors) and something blue (which references an archetypal color that will reflect the client’s essence) to each interior I design,” she explains. “I get so excited just talking about it because bringing this level of soul to my projects has made work so much more satisfying and enjoyable!”

These elegantly detailed tassels are on display at 1514 Home

An eye for elegant detailing is a strong suit for Cheryl, who brings a hint of Bohemia to this passementerie.

Cheryl is one busy designer. She has been published in over 70 consumer and trade publications, and speaks on a variety of topics relating to kitchen, bath and interior design with regularity. Most recently, she has been selected as one of six designers across North America to be a 2015 Silestone Trendspotter. If I can catch her in town, I’m going to hop down to Pensacola before too long and visit her shop myself. When I do, I’ll be posting on social media, of course, so stay tuned!

An Arts and Crafts mantel serves as a staging moment at 1514 Home

Sophisticatedly styled vignettes abound at 1514 Home.

Given the hectic pace of her life, I’d like to thank her for taking the time to share her passion for design with Productrazzi’s readers. If you want to know about any particular product you see that is not yet on Shop 1514 Home, leave a comment and we’ll make sure you get the information about how to buy it from this amazing talent. Happy decorating, everyone!

Gustavian flair is side-by-side with vintage glassware at 1514 Home in Pensacola.

Hints of Gustavian flair are beautifully “at home” with vintage glassware.

Text of Delight in Store at 1514 Home © Saxon Henry, all rights reserved. Saxon Henry is an author, poet and journalist based in New York City. Books include Anywhere But Here, Stranded on the Road to Promise and Four Florida Moderns. She also produces The Diary of an Improvateur and is a columnist on Architizer.

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